About Us

We want our community to be a place where people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures are valued and safe

Mission Statement

Building Bridges in Burnley is a partnership of faith organisations who are working with others to celebrate diversity, to promote dialogue and activities to develop understanding, to achieve equality and justice.


BBB is an interfaith organisation created after the 2001 ‘serious disturbances’ in Burnley, to enhance awareness and understanding between different Faith Groups. The organisation advocates diversity and aims to promote social cohesion through interfaith activities. It was initiated through discussions between the Bishop of Burnley and other clergy and Muslim community representatives in the locality of the disturbances, specifically to assess the situation and explore ways in which to mitigate the existing, and prevent future, inter-community problems. Initial informal meetings eventually culminated in the formation of BBB as a registered charity in 2002. Since then it has become a Company Limited by Guarantee, incorporating the Bridge Project for young people, which was established at approximately the same time as BBB in a local parish church


BBB is situated in an area of Burnley in which 8-9% of the population is of Asian heritage, mostly of the Islamic faith, and with a significantly young population. Burnley’s Muslim community is primarily concentrated in two wards, with BBB strategically based in an area where 8 mosques are all within a half mile radius. The project has offices in a Mosque in Burnley, and the Bridge Project is based in an Anglican Church in the same locality. A Lancaster University study has suggested that this is the first Mosque in the North West of England, possibly in the country, to facilitate a Christian-Muslim partnership, with non-Muslims having open access to its premises.

BBB has gained local and national recognition for successfully promoting social cohesion through inter-faith initiatives that effectively incorporate statutory authorities and voluntary agencies. The broad range of activities delivered are designed to create opportunities for people from different faith, cultural and socio-economic contexts to meet each other and nurture longstanding relationships. (Source: Faith in England’s Northwest, Northwest Development Agency) 

Our Priorities

1. Engagement with Young People

2. Administration, Communication and Marketing

3. Growing Out Audit

4. Spiritual Development – Arts and Culture Project

5. Enthusiasm and Determination of the Board

6. Sustainability

Building Bridges in Burnley is registered as a company limited by guarentee in England and Wales
Registered Company No. 05495250
Registered Charity No. 1120155

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