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Burnley Leader and Mayor condemn embarrassing banner.

Burnley Council strongly condemns the actions of those responsible for the offensive and embarrassing banner that flew over the Etihad Stadium yesterday evening.
Burnley is an inclusive town and welcomes people from all walks of life where diversity is celebrated.  The response to the pandemic has shown how Burnley’s diverse communities have come together to support each other in the time of need irrespective of race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation.
The council fully supports the Black Lives Matter initiative and stands against racism of any kind. We are appalled that a small group of individuals have chosen to oppose this important initiative in an abhorrent way.  This is not representative of the football club or our town.
The council fully supports and praises Burnley Football club and Sean Dyche’s strong and speedy condemnation to the offensive and embarrassing banner.
Councillor Charlie Briggs, leader of the council, said: “As a lifelong Clarets fan I was angry and embarrassed at what happened. This has tarnished the name of ‘proper’ fans, the club and our town and there’s no place for it in our society.”

The Mayor of Burnley, Councillor Wajid Khan, said: “We want Burnley and its football club to be known for all the right reasons, not like this. We’re proud of the fact that people of all backgrounds get on with each other and go about their day-to-day lives without any problem. We don’t need mindless acts like this and I’m sure people across our communities will be as upset and dismayed as I am.”

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To the Muslim Community of Burnley and Pendle

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Release Sent on Behalf of Lancashire Resilience Forum

Residents urged to pray at home during religious festivals


With Ramadan just days away, Muslim residents are being asked not to visit mosques but to continue to stay at home and pray.


In view of the current situation with the increasing numbers in Covid related deaths, restrictions remain in place for the foreseeable future. In fact, further restrictions could be imposed if the situation does not improve.


Taking this into account, with the holy month of Ramadan upon us, Imams and community leaders need to prepare the community for Ramadan in isolation.


In line with the Government guidance and the current agreed arrangements those individuals who are employed as Imams who fall in the low risk category from each Mosque are allowed to attend the Mosque for prayers and undertake the spiritual and pastoral service that they provide to our communities. Other employees e.g. caretaker, admin officer of Mosques who need access are permitted to enter by exception and on a case-by-case basis.


The Lancashire Resilience Forum is working closely with representatives of all faith groups across Lancashire to communicate a range of issues around faith, religion and culture during this difficult time.


Neil Shaw, Chair of Lancashire Resilience Forum’s Faith group said: “We are consulting with all faith groups. We understand that during Ramadan, many Muslims take advantage of this month by engaging in prayers and spending more time at their local mosque.  This Ramadan will be different and to help communities fulfil their faith obligations we would encourage that although national physical distancing measures are in place that communities stay socially connected through non-physical contact such as phone, social media and video.


“We know that this is a very difficult time for everyone, but please continue to stay safe and pray at home especially during Ramadan and adhere to the Government guidelines around social distancing, which we know saves lives.”


Most Imams are already delivering speeches on a daily basis through their public address systems and may want to continue to use this platform to deliver the key messages and spiritual guidance to the community.


Rafiq Sufi, Chair of Lancashire Council of Mosques said: “Everyone has a duty to follow the Government’s request to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives. I urge residents to follow the instruction and avoid getting together with people outside of their immediate household to partake in Iftaar meals or Taraweeh when Ramadan starts end of next week.”


Other festivals which will be affected by government guidelines to stay at home, include the upcoming Pagan Festival, Beltane, on 1st May. The Pagan Federation will be running an online Beltane festival on

21st May Ascension Day and 31st May, Pentecost Sunday, are also key dates within the Christian community when traditionally there is a tradition of walks and outdoor services.

The Preston Nagar Kirtan scheduled for 17th May has been cancelled by the Sikh community.

Neil Shaw added: “We thank the local communities for abiding to what is difficult to sacrifice, as these worships are core to people’s faith. We appreciate these are difficult times and we need the whole community to co-operate and trust the process to be balanced and respectful of the broad needs of the community.”




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Message sent on behalf of Lancashire County Council

Lancashire County Council is committed to helping keep the most vulnerable people in our county safe and supported as we face the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus.

As a county council we know this is something we cannot do on our own.  We need to come together across Lancashire during this uncertain and difficult time to make sure we can safeguard our most vulnerable residents, particularly those who are currently in a care setting.

We are now urgently recruiting more paid carers to care for our most vulnerable residents so if you are caring, responsible and good with people, please get in touch. 

Your role will involve making a difference to vulnerable peoples’ lives by supporting them with everyday tasks that they now struggle to do without some help. You may be based in a residential home providing specialised support or be asked to provide more general support for people with a variety of care needs.

If you have recently left a role in the care sector or have previous experience in a care setting we would love to hear from you. If you don’t have any experience but want to help out, please get in touch too as experience is not essential.  

This is no small role, every time you support someone with personal care it helps make a direct impact on helping our collective fight against the virus.

Join our care team

Simply complete the form on our website and register your interest and we will get in touch.


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Easter Message.

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Baha’i’s Prayers on Saturday.

On Saturday, any time during the day, Baha’i’s throughout the UK are praying for humanity during this time of crisis.  

In our homes we will implore God’s help for those coping with the sad loss of loved ones, for those battling to survive and thanking our NHS workers for their demonstration of outstanding dedication and service.

 Praying for Divine Assistance to help us all to safety and giving thanks. 

Could you join us in spirit and would any of your friends be happy to share their prayers with ours?

I hope all is well with you.

Warmest love and all good wishes for your safety. 

Marion and Alan.

on behalf of the B`hai group.

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Faith Leaders’ Statement.

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Cancelled… Share Faith Share Food.

Dear All, 

Really sorry, but due to the coronavirus situation, we are cancelling our next Share Faith Share Food for women on Tuesday  24th March, our next one is Tuesday May 2nd, hopefully the situation will have improved by then. 

Keep safe. 



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Interfaith Prayers

Interfaith Prayers  Wed 11th March
           at the  Faith Centre, 
    Barden lane, BB10 1JD 7-8p.m. 
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Daneshouse Family Fun Day.

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